We've made a few changes this year. Our VIP Area has become a fixture of Norfolk's social calendar.  It's also sold out year after year.


We've redesigned the area for 2020. It's now invite only so we can keep it from becoming too crowded. We've brought back the Award-Winning Brasted's and have a multitude of improvements up our sleeve. We're so pleased with it, we've decided to re-christen the enclosure and honour the Airshow's greatest participant. We're looking forward to welcoming a select few, therefore, to the Sally B Enclosure in 2020. You can't buy tickets, you have to be invited. If you've not been invited and think you should have been, please click here.


We've also responded to a multitude of requests and created a second VIP area, the 434 Club. Named for another Airshow legend, Spitfire MH434, this new area will offer dedicated food and drink (also from Brasteds) seating, VIP forward parking, use of the VIP lanes on entry and a host of other benefits. To find out more and book, please click the logo below.