R.A.F. Typhoon


The fastest, most powerful and loudest aircraft to visit the Airshow will make its debut this year. We can’t say how many horsepower it has because that’s not the way jets are measured. It has 20,000lb of thrust. Twice over, and achieved by use of ‘afterburning’. This is the art, for those who’ve not see Top Gun, of throwing fuel in the back of a jet engine in order to create both noise, flames and, above all, speed. The net result is an aircraft which can go from a standstill straight up to 35,000 feet and a speed of 1,150mph (Mach 1.5) in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It won’t be doing this at the Airshow, but it’ll more than likely set off every car alarm in the car park.


It’ll do this in the more than capable hands of a 103 year old organisation you may have heard of; the Royal Air Force. For this loud, fast monster is one of 29 Squadrons Typhoon FGR4s, piloted by Flt. Lt. James Sainty. Flt. Lt. Sainty will, we hope, not find cause to use the 27mm Cannon, nor bring with him any of the array of precision guided bombs and air to air missiles which the Typhoon usually carries when carrying out it’s usual task of defending the UK. Reports of earthquakes and broken glass and, yes, car alarms going off usually accompany the rare missions where supersonic speeds are authorised. Within minutes errant Russian aircraft turn around; they should do because this aircraft carries more than it weighs in fuel and bombs.


Photos with grateful thanks; Paul Johnson - Flightline.