The Bader Bus Company

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader was extremely good at shooting down Nazi aircraft. When he had to bale out over France in 1941 and was captured he continued to be such a nuisance to the Germans through escape attempts they sent him to Colditz.


His wartime career was remarkable but there's one piece of information which makes this war hero an icon; he lost his legs to an aerobatics accident in 1931.


After the war he campaigned tirelessly for the disabled. He never let his disability stop him (he flew until he was 69). After he died in 1982 the Douglas Bader Foundation was set up to keep campaigning for disabled people. They've teamed up with Aerobility, a wonderful organisation who help disabled people learn to fly; the results is this trio of modern day heroes; Mike Wildeman, Alan Robinson and Barry Hobkirk.


They're known as Bader's Bus Company and they are
the World's ONLY Disabled Display Team.

the World's ONLY Disabled Display Team.