Both Airshow days will feature the absurdly powerful and incredibly rare Sea Fury.


The Sea Fury more than earns her aggressive name; the last propeller driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy boasts an almost absurd 2,100 hp, far more than the Spitfire or Mustang. The prodigious power comes courtesy of a Pratt and Whitney engine with a suitably formidable name; the Double Wasp. Developed during WWII, the Sea Fury missed action in that conflict but saw plenty of it elsewhere from 1945 – 1968. Jet fighters were not immune from the Fury; Russian MiG 15’s counted among kills; all whilst being operated from an aircraft carrier.


The Cuban Bay of Pigs was also no stranger to the Sea Fury; it lent support to the CIA’s B-26 Bombers as part of JFK’s ultimately unsuccessful invasion. They also served with a dozen countries around the world and, with so much power on tap, became a force to be reckoned with at air races such as Reno. The T 20 version scheduled to display at Old Buckenham is, appropriately in Royal Navy markings.