In the Evening...


On Friday at 7pm the World-Famous Blister Hangar will become a Theatre.


Saturday, 7pm, will see the return of the the Legendary 12 piece Scraatch Band. Scroll down to find out more. Tickets are available using the button at the bottom of the page.

Friday Night:

Those Magnificent Men

2019 is the centenary of one of the

greatest moments of aviation history and

a truly British First – the first ever non-stop flight across the Atlantic.


The nail-biting, side-splitting true story of this daredevil flight by pilot Capt. John Alcock and navigator Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown is told in the hit stage play ‘Those Magnificent Men’ by acclaimed writing duo Mitchell & Nixon, originally produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company in 2010/2011 and revived in 2015 by The Foundry Group. In the tiny open cockpit of a converted Vickers biplane, they flew from Newfoundland through dense fog, sleet, snow and hail – sometimes upside down – to Ireland and worldwide celebrity.



To commemorate this centenary, the Foundry Group is once more reviving its highly popular production, starring Radio 4 regular David Mounfield (‘Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show’) and writer/performer Brian Mitchell (‘The Ministry of Biscuits’) who endeavor to tell the epic tale with just cardboard, two stools and some left-over props.


So strap yourself in and cry “Chocks away!” for a night of thrills, spills and uproarious comedy.


Wonderfully entertaining….has the

makings of a West-End hit.’ – The Times


‘An up, up and away fringe hit! Spiffing perfection.’ – The Daily Telegraph


The Scratch Band


What can we say? The always popular Scratch Band are back for the now traditional Saturday gig in the Blister. Blues and Soul have never sounded better; get your tickets now by clicking the Buy Tickets button below: