Chris Burkett - Extra 300

Aerobatics at their most extreme are the preserve of very few master aviators. Here's one of them, Chris Burkett, a display pilot since 2006.


Luckily the aircraft he's using is more than capable of coping with the ridiculous forces at work when Chris performs his litany of display manoeuvres. It's an Extra 300 and was built to do one thing; this. This composite construction masterpiece is actually theoretically capable of withstanding more G force than a human can. Chris is no ordinary human and will be somewhere in the 7-8G range at times; more than enough to make your jaw drop. You've got it easy though; his entire face will change shape.


There is a little twist to this remarkable display; Chris won't be on his own. Right next to him will be another, 43% Extra, a remote controlled version with identical colours to the real thing, flown from the ground by multiple RC champion, Mike Williams. The result is the most talked about display act on the circuit, returning to Old Buck for the first time in 3 years.